When you choose the charger, you worry about it can protect your battery? Is safe, can support different sizes and different types of batteries, and faster the battery is full, it is best to have a large LCD display so you know the battery at any time?

It's all there.

VariCore provides you with a safe, fast, and smart charger that not only charges, but also tests battery capacity and activates the battery. You only need to put the battery can be.

Our design philosophy is to do a safe, efficient, intelligent and versatile and simple charger. Over the years, we continue to innovate and research and design, the design of the multi-function charger can support nickel-metal hydride batteries, 3.7V Li-ion battery, 3.8V Li-ion battery, 3.2V Li-Fe battery. USB output can be suitable for 5V battery products on the market.

At present, the multi-function charger is just the beginning, our goal is to provide a one-stop charging program that allows you to find any device charging products here.
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